Bheemunipatnam is a quiet town, the second oldest municipality in the country, India - 25 Km., North-East of Visakhapatnam (The City of Destiny). It s a beautiful town with a pleasant cool climate. Situated on the shore of the Bay of Bengal.

Bheemunipatnam boasts of a long an colourful history. In the colonial times. Bheemili (Short of Bheemunipatnam) was the main sea trading port on the eastern coast of India. Rice, Timber, Jute etc., were brought from Burma and Eastern countries by ships. The town was well developed, with brisk trade and commerce.

Unfortunately, after Indian independence (1947) Bheemili fell into disuse due to the development of the Visakhapatnam seaport. Bheemili was reduced to a fishing village. The fishermen colony of the beach of Bheemili has 300 houses, mostly thatched with dry palmara leaves. The main source of income for this fishermen colony is from fishing.