ICS Activities

ICS is a registered society to bring about alround development of the poor, orphans and handicapped children. The Immanuel Charitable Society (ICS) is working among such children in the fishermen colony and the colony housing the physically disabled people. ICS has a tailored programme to bring the children into the mainstream and make them live with dignity and self-reliance. The emphasis is on food, clothing, education and medical aid.

The society shoulders the responsibility of sending these children to various schools and support them by paying their school fees and providing them with their needs for their education. George, the Founder-President of ICS is a professional librarian who has a zeal fo social service. With a view of making life more meaningful, he has dedicated his time and life to the service of mankind.

He and his friends spend time with these children to help them in their studies, give them physical training, teach them hygiene and moral values. Medical camps are held regularly to detect diseases and provide health care for the children and their parents.

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