Present Situation

The men folk of the fishermen colony leave early in the morning and return late in the afternoon, after day´s efforts to catch fish. It is then the turn of the women-folk; they take the fish to the market to sell. The women return late in the evening, when it is dark.

The evening meal is eaten in darkness or in the light of kerosene lamps. There is no electricity in the colony and no drainage and sanitary facility. So far these are very poor and they cannot afford diesel motor engines for their boats.

Moreover all the days they go for fishing are not the same. Some days they return home after hard work, without any catch; ... with empty hands.

Besides this most of the women lost their husbands at sea and live in poverty with their children. They labour all the day in fields, construction sites and so on for a meager income and live from hand to mouth. In such a situation, the ones who are deeply effected are the children. They are neglected, dirty and malnourished. In other words, their life is miserable. They have no proper parental care and no one to advice them.

They are deprived of all childhood pleasures like shool, play and happiness. Instead, they pickup evil habits namely smoking, drinking, taken drugs, violence etc. and these habits exert tremendous influence upon their character and there is every possibility that these children would turn Godless, unsociable and undesirable elements within their own community.