An easy way to heart of any individual is by taking care of their physical needs. They need to be fed & clothed and their physical aliments be taken care of.

We in ICS recognise the fundamental rights of every individual and in accordance we wish to provide food, shelter, clothing, education and medical aid to the poor, orphans and handicapped children in our adopted villages. We are providing these children their needs in our small way.

But the need is great and unless others also extend a helping hand, all our efforts may become fruitless.

Our mission is a difficult one. Having started as a small organisation based on manpower and a lot of goodwill, ICS had built a school an an Orphanage for these less fortunate children. We have teachers volunteers and a nurse.

We need help. No, not only money but also children´s clothes, medicines and moral support.

So we earnestly appeal to you to please extend your generosity to strengthen us in this our endeavour to serve our fellow human beings.

We invite you to visit us in Bheemili at your convenience. Do come and see the humanitarian service ICS renders. ICS is a small, clear project with direct help for those who need it most. Please help us to help the less fortunate ones.